JESS Weller

Speaking topics: surviving cancer, legacy, finding your purpose, health and wellbeing

Getting diagnosed with a life threatening illness is never something you expect to happen especially when you are young, healthy and on your OE on the other side of the world. Jess was living the kiwi travellers dream in London, working as a teacher and travelling Europe. Four months into her visa, Jess was diagnosed with an uncommon form of aggressive breast cancer, she was 27. 

On completion of treatment and returning home to New Zealand, Jess founded The WELLer Network to educate young kiwi's about the prevention and awareness of cancer and to encourage those with a lived experience of a health challenge to share their stories to empower young people to have healthy conversations that could save their lives. Jess has spoken nationwide and internationally, including London's TedXSquareMile.

“Talking about my experience sets my soul on fire, and it’s so important that we embrace talking about difficult subjects like cancer this because illness can happen at anytime. I try to use a little bit of humour. You never know how an audience will respond but if you have a bit of a laugh you can shine a light and have a really healthy conversation and that’s the whole point of what we are trying to do.” 

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