Speaking topics: Entrepreneurship, FinTech, Social Enterprise, Education, Conservation, Environment & Sustainability, Technology

Fraser is an entrepreneur and Edmund Hillary Fellow who quit his corporate gig to focus on more meaningful and purpose-driven work.

He’s the co-founder of Choice, which went through New Zealand’s FinTech accelerator programme supported by Kiwibank and Lightning Lab. Choice is a contactless payments system utilising QR codes that reduces transaction fees for kiwi merchants and allows consumers to allocate 50% of this fee to a charity of their choice. The team at Choice are looking to leverage the half a billion dollars that leaves New Zealand’s shores every year in electronic card transaction fees, and keep that money in New Zealand’s economy.

Fraser also co-founded Squawk Squad, which combines technology with conservation and education to help save New Zealand’s native birds. Squawk Squad has engaged over 40,000 Kiwi kids in conservation education, and helped to trap over 2,000 pests.

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